BREAKFAST WITH THE BIRDS (Middle Grade Chapter Book)

Molly wasn't looking to have a pet. She preferred to play with her dolls, eat peanut butter every morning and have breakfast with the birds. But all that changed when her little brother Ferd (yes, Ferd) came screaming into the kitchen, telling her there was a monster on top of his tree house. Now, while trying to care for a new avian friend, Molly ends up losing a human one. And taking care of the new friend might be the only way to get her old friend back... along with a tea party in a tree house, standing in the kitchen sink, holding a live bird in her hands, singing into a walkie-talkie, and eating "Oatmeal Mollerino." She even manages to finally decide on her absolutely, positively, most favorite color in the whole wide world. All because of a bright red, wild Cardinal named Flappy.

MUSCOVADO (Middle Grade Chapter Book) in progress

Incredibly strange things are happening in the tiny Village of Greenport. Not only is the Village slowly disappearing but the leaves are turning blue and the grass is turning purple. The adults seem to be in a constant daze and the brightly painted Carousel horses are actually talking. It will lie with two sisters, Alexa and Paige, and their friends, to discover what is happening, gather their resources, and summon the magic that would allow them to fight the evil Snotmah's.

LADY E (Novel) in progress

To hell with the old adage that the first marriage is for love, the second for money, and the third for companionship. Lady E reinvents the institution of marriage, the deliciousness of revenge, and the primal need for self-preservation. There is no one on earth (or under it) who can match her cunning, her wit, or her gumption. And there is no one else who better deserves her delectably genteel yet scrumptiously vulgar victories!